Gaudete Brass

A few words about us...

"...a powerful...account of Joan Tower's stately "Copperwave" by the Gaudete Brass Quintet..."
Steve Smith
New York Times
"Gaudete Brass Quintet is an outstanding young group bringing fresh ideas to brass chamber music. I'm really excited to see such a fine ensemble dedicated to serious brass repertoire."
Raymond Mase
American Brass Quintet
Chair of Brass
The Juilliard School
"I have twice had the pleasure of listening to and working with the Gaudete Brass Quintet. They are an excellent performance group who also enriched our education efforts. They performed a beautiful mini-concert at the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum during the spring of 2007. I am utilizing them as a creative partner for future programming, and unreservedly recommend them to other universities, colleges, schools, and museums."
Thomas D. Mackie, Director
Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum
Lincoln Memorial University
Harrogate, TN
"The concert that the Gaudete Brass presented was one of the brightest highlights in the ten years of Lake Park's Musical Mondays. It was a privilege to present you. Having been a part of a performing group myself, I know the joy of making music with and for others and truly envy the caliber of excellence each of you brings to this extraordinary quintet."
Thallis Hoyt Drake
Music Director
Lake Park's "Musical Monday's"
Milwaukee, WI
"The Gaudete Brass Quintet is a superb group of instrumentalists who capture the spirit of brass ensemble literature with an alluring excitement that embraces even the youngest audiences. We were fortunate to hear the quintet in a mini-concert and educational exchange as the ensemble performed for our beginning band classes and Honors & Symphonic Bands. Each player offered explanations about their instruments and techniques, valuable inspiration for middle school students, and an understanding of the literature performed. The group connected well with our young scholars and helped to begin the school year with an A+ musical rally! The ensemble is a great resource for directors and truly a partner for music educators!"
Kelley Vanhook
Head Band Director,
The Classical Center at Brandenburg Middle School
Garland, Texas
"The Gaudete Brass Quintet plays the Wert madrigals with an attention to articulation and subtle phrasing akin to the best period vocal groups."
Greg Ingles
Historic Trombones;
Spiritus Collective,
Ciaramella and Piffaro
"The Brass Quintet wowed our 2nd grade audience for over an hour! My students were enchanted by this wonderful ensemble that brought diverse music combined with imaginative presentation. Interaction and dialogue learning about the different types of brass instruments, sounds each instrument made and types of music marked an engaging concert. Students all joined in on cue engaging in story and song before bringing their horns home and sharing the Brass Quintet delights with their family. In the high-tech, high-speed world we live in, I did not think my students could sit for over an hour. It was beautiful to watch them just listen and let their inner worlds be touched by such skillful playing and profound experience."
Sharon Van Der Kolk
2nd Grade Teacher,
Orrington Elementary
Evanston, IL